How to Combat the Rising Threat of Hackers: Frontrunner Podcast Series

In my latest Frontrunner podcast, Jovan Strika describes how hacker tools have become easier to use, thus broadening the type of hackers using them. Given the increase in hacker activity in recent years, he discusses the detection and recovery process that organizations need to consider. Jovan also discusses whether hackers have become more organized as a group.

How Can Open Source Development Become a Business: Frontrunner Podcast Series

My latest Frontrunner podcast. Into the business models around open source. The open-source model is also applicable to other industries that generate creative knowledge.

How to Encourage Diverse Thinking in Organizations; FrontRunner Podcast

Diversity of thought is a key ingredient to creativity. Sharon Zohar discusses the process of nurturing diversity of thought within a group in this latest podcast. She covers how to understand the varying thought processes within a group, how to manage conflict between group members due to various personality types, and how to identify and omit potential group biases and assumptions.

How to Sell Services Online: Frontrunner Podcast

Selling services is different than products when it comes to segmentation, risk, and marketing methodology. Ryan Nahas says it’s particularly important to connect with customers when selling services in the online environment. When selling services, it’s imperative to use empathy and software tools to connect with potential buyers. Ryan highlights the difference between services in which an ongoing relationship with customers is possible and situations where a long-term relationship isn’t sustainable.

How to Support Mental Health in the Workplace  FrontRunnerPodcast

Stress and mental health are complex issues that affect both the internal and external workings of an organization. Leah Allison discusses mental health in the work environment, offering ways to better address the issue. She considers all individuals—from the employee affected to leaders and bystanders—as playing key roles in improving the health of an organization.