Global Entrepreneurship Week: Traction Tournament

Last week, Experiential Simulations hosted the North American debut of the Traction Tournament in partnership with Algonquin College’s Global Entrepreneurship Week.


Algonquin College’s Executive in Residence, Andrew Foti, was on hand to deliver some wise words to the students, and to compete!


This tournament featured a twist – real life entrepreneurs would now be competing alongside the students. These entrepreneurs included Ottawa’s own Jason Daley of Founders Alliance, seen here with Experiential Simulations CEO James Bowen.


Another new feature to the North American tournament? The happy yellow balloon that signified the lead team after each turn, here’s Algonquin’s Start Up Entrepreneurship club President, and eventual Traction Tournament winner, Tomas Kolafa, looking happy with his early lead.

IMG_0039The teams battled it out through 18 turns with various strategies in play, including: alliances between teams, selling 70% of your company, and introducing new members to the founding team.




Thanks to all those who participated in the North American debut of the Traction Tournament. We hope to see you all next year at Global Entrepreneurship Week!



Stay tuned for the video from Algonquin College’s GEM Traction Tournament!




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