March Roundup


March was certainly an exciting month for us here at Experiential Simulations!

At the end of February one of our co-founders, Juris Ulmanis, was published in Entrepreneur Middle East magazine where he talks about putting your market experience and know-hows to good use. You can read the article here.

Juris, again, was featured in the European Forum for Entrepreneurship Research blog, which you can read here.

Magazine MN covers start-ups from Canada, USA, Europe, Israel, and Australia. You can read our interview here.

As if the month wasn’t exciting enough, we were mentioned and interviewed by Forbes magazine in an article about why Richard Branson thinks why failure should be an option for entrepreneurs You can read the article here.

(We were also mentioned on Branson’s Virgin Entrepreneur website back in December. Check it out here.)

Finally, Experiential Simulations hosted another tournament! This time, we had players in 2 countries competing against each other. Special thank you to the U.S. Embassy for their support. You can read about it here, and see photos below.



Students used video conferencing to connect with the main tournament campus at to talk with Traction creator, James Bowen.




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