Project Management – People Skills Template?

9550067-Background-concept-wordcloud-illustration-of-people-skills-Stock-Illustration.jpgIn the Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge there is the Human Resources area which describes the processes for effective use of stakeholders including team development. Within the team development selection there are described a variety of approaches for increasing a team’s capability such as training and reward systems. However, the section doesn’t directly refer to concepts such as: leadership approaches, ethics, and organizational culture which are defining elements of an environment in which interactions, decisions and perceptions are formed. This environment creates the basis for concepts such as fairness, innovation, creativity and motivation. It’s these soft skills or people oriented skills which organizations see a need for, for example, project failure can be linked to poor motivation, bad leadership, misperceptions and lack of outside-the-box thinking which in turn are linked to the aforementioned concepts.

Currently we don’t see a plan template or approach for project managers to develop such environments, however, the benefit of one is clear. Our Milestone simulation ( doesn’t provide such a plan to players but creates an environment in which these concepts are emphasized and perhaps will form part of their thinking when they become project managers.

It would be interesting to develop such a template and provide it as part of the PMBOK or maybe as an addendum. If you have such a template please share with the rest of us.


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