Entrepreneurship in large organizations


Across the globe, universities and colleges are offering entrepreneurship courses, it’s been my experience that only around 10% of students in a mandated or even open entrepreneurship course are actually considering starting a company and even fewer actually do. So what about the other 90+%? There is still value in entrepreneurship courses for those that migrate to established companies.

Intrepreneurs are those that bring an entrepreneur’s skills in creativity and risk taking to established organizations. Intrepreneurs could be considered change agents, their potential is to help the organization go to where it needs to go. Intrepreneurs need much of the same skill set as entrepreneurs. A typical entrepreneurship course discusses team, financing, market, etc in a business plan structure. The business plan idea was originally adapted from large organizations that needed a structure to articulate the value of a proposed new initiative.  We don’t need an entrepreneurship course to specially learn how to do a business plan that could be an extension of a marketing or strategy course. One value that an entrepreneurship course brings to an aspiring intraprenuer is the opportunity to practice implementing new initiatives in a controlled scaled-down environment where all aspects are considered such as team, market, etc. By controlled, I mean an environment where each element of a new initiative is represented and time is compressed i.e. months into minutes or hours.

Entrepreneurship combined with project management provides two interesting knowledge areas that could for a foundation for an intrapreneur learning environment and something that we have been working on with two simulations: Traction and Milestone (see www.experientialsimulations.com).

But I was wondering what other knowledge areas should an intrapreneur have experience in, beyond marketing and finance?


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