Are we Homo Entrepreneurus?


We are Homo Sapiens, and Homo cursus meaning Thinking man and Running man. We are also Homo Entrepreneurus

Entrepreneurship is a natural profession.

What do I mean by a natural profession?

There are somethings that we humans do that appear “hardwired” within us. Consider the muscle and skeleton structure of our necks, buttocks, toes, foot arch and hamstrings, it’s obvious that among primates we are the running species. No other primates are structured like we are to run. Running is our natural activity.

Consider that children appear to be hardwired for learning and parents hardwired to teach their children. No other primate actively attempts to teach and learn like we do. Teaching is a natural profession.

Consider that many (if not all) other primates don’t grasp the meaning of pointing. If we point at something a dog will look to where we point but not a wolf or many of the other primates. Pointing is a form of communication, humans are natural communicators. Communication is a natural part of every profession.

Our progress through history has been accomplished by our natural curiosity and desire to improve our lives. We are a species that delights in creating and implementing ideas, we are a natural at creativity and innovation. There are several professions aligned with this natural ability including the arts and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a therefore a natural profession to satisfy our desire to invent, implement new ideas and improve our environment.

Entrepreneurship is about creating new ideas and implementing them to solve problems. It should be a tool in every profession and as natural in our education, organization and lives as running, learning and pointing.

In our modern economy, entrepreneurship is being taught in the educational system and young people are seeing it as a profession and career (see our entrepreneurship simulation). The future holds great promise.

We are Homo Entrepreneurus

Just thought I would point that out.

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