What 20 things are Angel Investors looking for?


While each investor tends to have their own preferences, the following are areas of focus:

1 Intellectual property which is protectable.

2 Experienced team with the demonstrated ability to implement.

3 A team supported by investors and advisers who have connections to potential partners and first customers.

4 A team that listens, and is interested in new ideas.

5 The team has an understanding of and a plan to manage risks.

6. An ethical team.

7. The team understands the market, customer, competition and value of their solution now and into the future better than anyone else.

8. The team knows how to communicate

9. The team can create a positive ethical organizational culture that focuses on creativity, innovation and results.

10. An emerging market area with solid growth potential.

11. A solution that is different than what might be currently available.

12. Customer validation with a solution that measurably solves a problem.

13. A long range funding structure.

14. Multiple market possibilities.

15. A Product migration roadmap.

16. Word of mouth or viral marketing potential.

17. A network effect – The more the product sells the more valuable it becomes to new customers.

18. Company doesn’t rely on government action or inaction.

19. An exit plan for the investor.

20. An attractive ROI with a reasonable likelihood of achieving it.

There is an entrepreneurship simulation available for educational institutions see here.

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