Creativity, innovation or adaptability which is most desired skill?


In today’s real time, data intensive, AI and IT driven world which is the most desirable skill for people in an organizational environment?

Creativity – the ability to create something new

Innovation – the ability to implement something new

Adaptability – the ability to change with the evolving environment and find solutions that work in new realities.

It can be argued that the ability to adapt has some elements of creativity and innovation, for example, adaptability could include the abilities to detect when change is needed, derive a new approach and then implement it. This includes elements of our own perspective and knowledge as well as those in our environment such as processes. Thus the aforementioned definition would imply the ability to adapt might be a higher level skill than the other two, incorporate elements of the other two and thus most desirable.

Although an adaptive person might also simply be a person, who changes their approach based on external force using a solution and decision provided to them, this doesn’t reduce the value in having the ability to adapt as the world around us changes.

An informal and unscientific survey of MBA students that I know suggest that adapability is the number attribute that organizations are seeking today. Maybe even more than people and communication skills?

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