Project Management in the IoT and AI Era


PM metrics need to be more future oriented to include the ability of the deliverable to evolve and adapt.

Currently with project management we use the traditional metrics of cost, schedule, and achievable of requirements (deliverables including quality).

As we move into the internet of everything era, where AI could manage projects, many of our deliverables whether they are a house, an IT system or a marketing campaign will be expected to evolve and adapt over time.

Given that technology will make it possible that our deliverables will be more akin to a platform than a static delivered asset we need project management metrics that incorporate a measure of this new type of ability.

As a platform, we expect it to adapt over time as requirements change, for example, a house needs to have the ability to adapt to the environment, and to the occupant. In addition, our house needs to evolve to incorporate new technology as it becomes available.

As such, metrics that project management should incorporate is the ability of the deliverable, after the project has ended, to:

–         evolve over time to new innovations

–         adapt to new requirements of the user

This need to adapt and evolve would appear to hold true for many industries/professions including marketing campaigns, IT initiatives and even new product development. This suggests that PM metrics need be updated to include the future potential of the initiative.

There is an project management simulation available for educational institutions see here.

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