OPEN CALL for guests on a new podcast series.

Hosted by James Bowen and Wiley&Sons

The theme of the podcast is an exchange of actionable best practices between academics and practitioners, academics and academics, practitioners and practitioners. The podcast discussion is practical in focus conveying thought leadership ideas which the listeners can implement.

Guests will include practitioners or academics with best practices ideas for either practitioners and/or academics.

The podcast will be interview style and be approximately 30 minutes. The format will be for the guest to:

  •         introduce themselves and the issues or problem that they will be addressing in the podcast this might also cover trends,
  •         outline their best practice idea, its implications and implementation suggestions,
  •        discuss future possible directions for the issue and best practices,
  •         summarize with actionable takeaways for the audience.

Themes can include:

  •          Business topics such as project management, supply chain management, globalization, ethics, corporate governance, environmentalism, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, technology, strategy, leadership, organizational culture, motivation, sales, finance, accounting, investing.
  •         Structures to thought such as creative and innovative thinking, the ability to be adaptive, risk, metrics, processes, analytics, transparency, accountability and implementation approaches of ideas.
  •          Academic learning topics such as experiential learning, student evaluation, knowledge application, continuous learning, learning aids such as videos, simulations and books.

The podcast is not academic or a tutorial in nature but focuses on insights that are actionable by the audience.

If you have an interesting set of insights, drop me line.

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