Diversity of Thought in an AI World



Diversity is often touted as a desirable attribute in the modern organization, an interesting focus is diversity of thought, that is often expressed as desirable in entrepreneurship courses. Diversity of thought is having people around you that think differently thus helping to incorporate new ideas into today’s solution approaches.

What about when we are working with Artificial Intelligent (AI) systems? Where will diversity of thought be? An AI system could possibly analyze the data, make and implement a decision or parts of it. An AI system could learn ethics and even human emotional responses to decisions and thus incorporate these factors into the decision. So where does that leave us humans? And the concept of diversity of thought?

An AI system can extrapolate patterns and inferences from its data and thus apply these patterns to new situations perhaps even considering 2nd and 3rd order consequences of its decisions. We humans have experiences that we have used to make inferences, as AI becomes more prevalent in the organizational environment, humans can continue to add value by learning from experiences not captured in data available to an AI system, for example, based on past data who would have thought 20 years ago that people wanted to text on their phones?

Humans can focus on asking the right questions for the AI to answer.

So humans might still have a role in the new AI era by approaching a decision as if there is no box while AI will consider the box. As well as understanding what the world should be going and thus ask the right questions to get the organization moving in the right direction.

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