Can Ethics be learned in a simulation?

ethical implications

Current ethics online training tools tend to focus on providing employees information in the form of videos or policy statements or scenarios and employees need to select a number of correct choices. This provides the organization an indication that employees are cognizant of policy but doesn’t provide much indication of how that policy will be implemented ie awareness but not necessarily usage of ethical ideals.

In higher level educational institutions, many courses have an ethical thread and the typical approach is to discuss ethical frameworks supplemented with practical examples perhaps through the use of cases.

I have developed an Integrity simulation that is more focused on gaining an indication of the individual’s and class/organization’s perspective on ethics implementation and thus provide the organization/instructor some considerations or indicators that need to be addressed. The simulation is also applicable in universities/colleges for generating discussion around ethical perspectives.

The simulation is in beta form and currently I am looking for individuals to try the simulation and provide feedback, if you are interested, you can obtain an administrator and player account here (select the Integrity simulation):

As well, if you are interested in discussing using the simulation in your organization, please let me know.


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