What Marketing Can Teach Us About eLearning: Frontrunner Podcast Series

In this podcast, Bianca Baumann explains how marketing fundamentals can improve modern eLearning platforms. Using extensive metrics, these platforms divide knowledge into modules for on-demand learning. However, learning platforms fall short at increasing learner engagement or predicting learning outcomes. Marketing concepts such as relevancy, emotions, and repetition can be applied to create better learning platforms.

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Podcast host: James Bowen, is an author, professor, and CEO of Experiential Simulations, a producer of simulations for teaching entrepreneurship and ethics.

twitter: @jamesbowen2105

Know someone that is insightful in a professional context and would be a great podcast guest?  Topics are organizational or professional in nature and provide the listener with insight and conclusions derived from experience and thoughtful analysis of observations. my open call for podcast guestsCheck out my Frontrunner podcast site


John Wiley & Sons, Inc., also referred to as Wiley  is a global publishing company that specializes in academic publishing. The company produces books, journals, and encyclopedias, in print and electronically, as well as online products and services, training materials, and educational materials for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students.

Founded in 1807, Wiley is also known for publishing For Dummies. As of 2015, the company had 4,900 employees and a revenue of $1.8 billion.

Frontrunner podcasts at Wiley

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