Good News about Improving the Environment

I interact with many people from many different industries and organizations including technology, financial, natural resources, automotive, government, non profit, health care, retail, agriculture, tourism, energy, manufacturing and education. Some of those conversations discuss what individuals and organizations are doing for the environment.

So what am I hearing? Some good news takeaways (although an unscientific survey) :

  1. Most organizations and individuals are taking action.
  2. Organizations are seeing cost savings and even revenue possibilities by changing their business model to be more environmentally friendly.
  3. Solutions that are more environmentally friendly are at or near cost effectiveness vs other solutions such as solar electricity vs coal generated electricity.
  4. Organizations hear that their customers and employees want better environmental solutions.
  5. Some organizations are investing/developing new products and services to improve the environment such as capturing gas from organic material decay to create a renewable form of gas or creating a renewable energy insurance policy for users of renewable energy.
  6. School teachers are infusing the next generation with a higher level of environmental awareness.

The great news, in general, people are looking beyond the monetary aspect to do better on the environment and more so focusing on the environment because its the right thing to do.

So don’t worry so much that politicians are not solving the problem, it looks like individuals, organizations and innovators are working on the solution, one piece at a time.

Although, we still need to ask ourselves whether we are moving fast enough.

Let’s increase the momentum.

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