Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance’s innovation is for everyone podcast series with James Bowen

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance’s innovation is for everyone podcast series explores how people adopt, invest, support, commercialize, push for, shape and spark innovation. The future oriented podcast features in-depth leading-edge ideas. The host, Dr. James (FrontRunner) Bowen, Ph.D. entrepreneur, inventor, investor, author, podcaster, professor, advisor and social media figure explores the intersection of innovation within work, personal, financial and daily life. CATA members interested in being guests in the show can contact

James’ new book

Everyone can profit from innovation, growth and changes in society and the economy. We just need an integrated and practical way so that we can all invest in the future. FrontRunner Investing is for everyone that wants to grow their portfolio using the themes that are changing our society and economy. The book and accompanying website provide a goal driven approach to investing along with a discussion site on the invest-able themes changing our world. Covering a wide variety of investment types including real estate, startups, the book discusses a top down approach to investing from themes to opportunities that match the goal of creating a sustainable portfolio. Individual investors can profit from the unique advantages that we have against the professional investors by using time and innovation/growth themes to our advantage.

click here to see it

twitter: @jamesbowen2015


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