Post CoVid-19: What will be different?



downloadWhat will the economy and society be like post CoVid-19?

Let me start by thanking the heroes of the pandemic, the health care workers and other front line workers that helped the rest of us survive.

We have seen organizations and individuals step up and put people first during the pandemic. We don’t need a pandemic to remember:

  • Start with what is the right thing to do. Its always people and the environment (including other living organisms) first.
  • People should be focused on using their talents to make a positive difference.

What about how society and the economy could change?

What shapes the 2nd order effects of a crisis? :

1.   A crisis like this tends to accelerate trends that were already underway such as digitization.

2.   A crisis makes what was not possible. Suddenly possible. Such as work from home.

3.   It also shifts the priorities of the customer for purchase decisions. So a company that only viewed the crisis from a profit risk perspective (ie not people) are likely to be viewed with an unfavourable perspective.

So what are the possible effects?:

Governments and companies are realizing that lean SCM with low cost foreign suppliers of critical supplies falls apart during a wide crisis.

–         So on-shoring suppliers, and factory automation will accelerate

For individuals, they realized how fragile their income stream is.

–         So expect to see people getting involved in the side hustle and sharing economy where they can establish an alternative revenue income

–         which means that businesses are going to have individuals as competitors.

Here are how things could accelerate:

1 e-commerce

2 drone delivery

3 digital contactless payments

      Contactless everything

4 virtual events/video meetings

5 autonomous vehicles

6 health tracking & wearables

7 3D manufacturing

8 voice mobile applications

9 online learning

10 smart robotics

11. de-globalization

12. people will increase their savings

13. the demand for office real estate will drop

14. cloud computing

15. increased inventory holding policies

16. more redundancy in the supply chain

17. cash and liquid assets become priorities

18. more corporate acquisitions

19. a greater role of government to manage the economy

20. more demand by individuals for income security

– put off retirement

21. Telemedicine will become popular.

22. More people will buy groceries online

23. People will hoard more

24. people will shift away from  employment in discretionary income sectors due to their variability of income

25. interest rates will remain low for the foreseeable future.


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