How to Sell Services Online: Frontrunner Podcast

Selling services is different than products when it comes to segmentation, risk, and marketing methodology. Ryan Nahas says it’s particularly important to connect with customers when selling services in the online environment. When selling services, it’s imperative to use empathy and software tools to connect with potential buyers. Ryan highlights the difference between services in which an ongoing relationship with customers is possible and situations where a long-term relationship isn’t sustainable.


How to Support Mental Health in the Workplace  FrontRunnerPodcast

Stress and mental health are complex issues that affect both the internal and external workings of an organization. Leah Allison discusses mental health in the work environment, offering ways to better address the issue. She considers all individuals—from the employee affected to leaders and bystanders—as playing key roles in improving the health of an organization.

How to Foster Wellness in Organizations: Frontrunner Podcast Series

In this podcast conversation, Jennifer Buchanan sheds light on wellness in modern organizations. Today’s organizations want to create people-focused environments, especially as technology automates faster and more frequent digital communications. She believes organizations can reach this goal by taking a long-term approach that links relationship-building with overall wellness and the organization’s core values. She shares the metrics she uses to gauge the wellness level of an organization

Podcast host: James Bowen, is an author, professor, and CEO of Experiential Simulations, a producer of simulations for teaching entrepreneurship and ethics.

Know someone that is insightful in a professional context and would be a great podcast guest? Topics are organizational or professional in nature and provide the listener with insight and conclusions derived from experience and thoughtful analysis of observations. Contact James Bowen

Is De-Centralizing the Economy the Answer? A Frontrunner Podcast

Our current economic structure has inefficiencies and trust issues. John From discusses the movement towards a decentralized economy. With modern technology, inefficiencies in the movement, storage, and processing of information and products are more apparent as is the problem of individuals who take advantage of centralized entities like banks for their own benefit. John advocates for a decentralized economy that can improve issues of transparency and authentication in areas such as supply chains, manufacturing, financial, and government. @Startup_Canada

Good News about Improving the Environment

I interact with many people from many different industries and organizations including technology, financial, natural resources, automotive, government, non profit, health care, retail, agriculture, tourism, energy, manufacturing and education. Some of those conversations discuss what individuals and organizations are doing for the environment.

So what am I hearing? Some good news takeaways (although an unscientific survey) :

  1. Most organizations and individuals are taking action.
  2. Organizations are seeing cost savings and even revenue possibilities by changing their business model to be more environmentally friendly.
  3. Solutions that are more environmentally friendly are at or near cost effectiveness vs other solutions such as solar electricity vs coal generated electricity.
  4. Organizations hear that their customers and employees want better environmental solutions.
  5. Some organizations are investing/developing new products and services to improve the environment such as capturing gas from organic material decay to create a renewable form of gas or creating a renewable energy insurance policy for users of renewable energy.
  6. School teachers are infusing the next generation with a higher level of environmental awareness.

The great news, in general, people are looking beyond the monetary aspect to do better on the environment and more so focusing on the environment because its the right thing to do.

So don’t worry so much that politicians are not solving the problem, it looks like individuals, organizations and innovators are working on the solution, one piece at a time.

Although, we still need to ask ourselves whether we are moving fast enough.

Let’s increase the momentum.

What Role Does it Security Play in Manufacturing? Frontrunner Podcast Series

Brad Henri discusses the implications of the fusion of AI, data, robotics, and manufacturing. He raises the significant issue of IT security as manufacturing machines become internet enabled. While manufacturing environments are making better use of data, there is also the issue of legacy machines and algorithms to consider.

Podcast host: James Bowen, is an author, professor, and CEO of Experiential Simulations, a producer of simulations for teaching entrepreneurship and ethics.

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